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Tania Coke (RSA Japan Connector) 

Kentaro Suyama

tarinainanika theatre unit

Tokyo Fugue & The Universal Language of the Body

 (tarinainanika European Tour, Aug-Sep 2018)

For the last 8 years, since moving to Tokyo from London, we have been pushing the boundaries of human expression, building on the theatrical tradition of Corporeal Mime. This summer we headed west to test out our approach on the other side of the world. The tour involved performances and workshops in theatres and schools in London, the West Midlands and Croatia. This included visits to two RSA Academies: Whitley Academy in Coventry and Holyhead School in Birmingham. Our aim was to raise awareness of the expressive power of the body, and inspire people to use their bodies more creatively, both on stage and off. Follow the links below to find out more. 

Review of London performance: “Train of Thoughts and Movements”

“It is not a matter of dance or coordinated actions, rather a language that finds its new way through the human figure.”


Interviews and video clips from Croatia performance

“Through this piece, like every piece we create, we are searching for tarinainanika– that missing something... This is our creative motif.”


Whitley Academy blog and video by the School Reporters: “Tokyo Fugue – Performance of a Lifetime”

“We were told that the message of the performance was open to interpretation, but most of our pupils felt an important message was to find and hold on to something of meaning, or something we love in our lives, especially in amongst a sea of uncertainty and confusion we sometimes feel today.”


RSA Academies blog: “The Universal Language of the Body” 

“I had never seen things like this before. It’s amazing to see how your emotion could be expressed that easily; and especially with the use of only THREE chairs. I really, really enjoyed it.” – Kyle, 14 years old


Blog for the RSA: “What’s the body for?”

“What’s the role of the body in our society today? After all, we’ve got words to communicate. We’ve got computers to work on. We’ve got machines to do all the physical stuff. So, what’s the body for?"

MyTheatreMates interview: 

“By my mid-20s, the desire to express myself physically had been conditioned out of me. My body had become lazy and unimaginative, my physicality squished between the confines of social convention and personal habit.”



Share your thoughts

Towards the end of the year we will be publishing a blog-piece reflecting on this project. We would like to include insights from other Fellows who, like us, believe in the value of physical expression. We invite you to share your thoughts and be part of this research through a short questionnaire. Or, you can simply get in touch through our contactform.


  1. Tell us about your interest and involvement in the Universal Language of the Body.

  2. What do you believe is the value of physical expression above and beyond verbal or digital communication? 

  3. How could we make better use of our bodies to learn, create and communicate?

  4. How can we inspire young people to engage with the physical world and people around them, to offset time spent in the virtual world?

  5. How can we engage the body in the RSA’s 21st century enlightenment?


We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 

And if you are coming to Japan, please get in touch!

Tania & Kentaro

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tarinainanika theatre unit

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