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Tokyo Fugue

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Corporeal Mime Creation & Education

tarinainanika is a physical theatre company specialising in the art of Corporeal Mime. Directors Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke spent many years under the direction of the legendary Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum (last assistants of the founder of Corporeal Mime, Etienne Decroux) and were long-time members of their company, Theatre de l’Ange Fou. After moving to Tokyo, Kentaro and Tania set up tarinainanika and have since been performing their original creations at festivals and venues across Japan. They teach regular classes in Tokyo and ad hoc workshops for anyone interested in learning about the expressive power of the body.

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Regular Classes|Visiting Workshops

Learn to Think, Create, Express with the Body

Our regular classes in Corporeal Mime - "the art of the thinking body" - are open to all. Whether you are an actor, dancer or artist looking for a new form of artistic creation, or simply someone who is curious about the expressive power of the body, you are welcome to come and try a class.

Free Trial Lesson

We are currently offering a FREE TRIAL LESSON to each newcomer. 

Tokyo Fugue
Europe Tour

Thanks to this tour we were able to share our work with so many people on the other side of the world, through performances and workshops in London, Coventry, Birmingham and Rijeka.  

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