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Learn to Think, Create, Express with the Body

Our classes and workshops are based on the unique methods of Corporeal Mime – "the art of the thinking body". Participants will discover tools to convert everyday actions into stage-worthy expressions which resonate with the soul. Whether you are an actor, dancer or artist looking for a new form of artistic expression or simply someone who is curious about the expressive power of the body, you’re welcome to join.

Free Trial Class

We are currently offering a free trial class for anyone interested in exploring the expressive power of the body through the art of Corporeal Mime. Join any of our Open Classes to claim your free trial. Open to anyone aged 16 and above. No prior experience necessary. 

​Open Classes

We are now running regular 2-hour  classes covering various aspects of Corporeal Mime training. These classes nurture the skills needed to portray thought and emotion through body and action. Classes are taught in both English and Japanese.

​Devising Workshops

These 4-hour workshops focus on the creative process of the actor. Discover how to bring your ideas to life on stage using the techniques and devising methods of Corporeal Mime. To get the most out of these workshops we recommend joining an Open Class beforehand. 



Open Classes (including Free Trial Classes) are 120 minutes long and are held at the following times:


• Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday


• Monday | Wednesday | Friday



Devising Workshops are usually held on Sundays from 2pm to 6pm. Upcoming dates now open for bookings:


1st December 2019

15th December 2019

12th January 2020

8th March 2020



The schedule  is subject to change -

please check the calendar before booking. 

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. 



Open Classes (including Free Trial Class)

These classes offer a general introduction to the study of Corporeal Mime and include: 

• Counterweights (how to create the illusion of weight)


• Articulation (how to articulate body, space and action)


• Dynamo Rhythm (how to control the rhythm and dynamic texture of movement)


• Repertoire (the study of figures and pieces from the repertoire of Corporeal Mime)


• Improvisation



Devising Workshops

In these four-hour workshops we will introduce techniques and devising methods which you will use to create your own mini composition. The workshops include:

• Improvisation

• Devising techniques such as transposition, transition and causality. 


Open Classes


Your first class will be FREE


Thereafter each class costs 3,000 yen or as little as 875 yen per hour if you buy in advance (on the day of your Free Trial Class, or before the day your previous ticket runs out).


Advance purchase pricing

1 class:         2,500 yen

2 classes:    4,500 yen

4 classes:    8,000 yen

8 classes    14,000 yen

Tickets are valid for one calendar month. 

Devising Workshops

Each 4-hour workshop costs 5,000 yen.


Classes are taught in a combination of Japanese and English. It isn't necessary to be fluent in either language, in order to participate.

Please wear clothes that are easy to move in, and soft-soled dance shoes or no shoes.

The studio will be open 3
0 minutes before the class begins.


From Tsuruhashi Station take the Central Exit and turn right onto Sennichimae-dori (heading east). Keep walking for about 10 minutes then turn left immediately after Seven Eleven. You'll find us on your left-hand side opposite the car park.


From Imazato Station, take Exit 1 and walk down Sennichimae-dori (heading west) for about 6 minutes. Turn right just before you reach Seven Eleven. You'll find us on your left-hand side opposite the car park.


2-17-8 Tamatsu

Higashi-Nari Ward

Osaka 537-0023

Nearest stations:

Tsuruhashi Station (Loop line), 10 mins

Imazato Station (Sennichimae line), 7 mins 


​We also offer bespoke workshops for a range of audiences.

If you are interested in finding out more,  please get in touch.

  • Schools and universities

    Schools and universities

    We run classes and workshops for students aged 12 and above. These include:

    -technical workshops for drama and dance students, introducing basic techniques from Corporeal Mime

    -devising workshops to help students bring their ideas to life on stage 

    -communication workshops helping students express themselves more creatively in everyday life

    -talks and demonstrations about the history, technique and creative processes of Corporeal Mime

  • Companies and the general public

    We offer creativity and communication training for people from all walks of life and all levels of the organisation. Recent projects include:

    -one day training for corporate new hires, to promote creativity and team-working 

    -one-to-one communication coaching for a CEO 

    -intercultural communication workshop for university professors

  • Actors and performers

    We work with actors, dancers and performers of any genre, sharing new ways to create and express based on the art of Corporeal Mime. Our offerings include:

    -technical workshops introducing basic techniques from Corporeal Mime

    -solo and group devising workshops 

    -movement coaching for individuals 


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