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Tokyo Fugue

Current Production


7th Feb 2020 -Mime in Motion Festival (MONTPELLIER | FRANCE)

12th Feb 2020-Manggha Museum(KRAKOW | POLAND)

​About|Tokyo Fugue

You are on a train. You are searching for someone.

You fall asleep. In your dream you are on a train.

You are searching for someone...


Tokyo Fugue is a mesmerising piece of physical theatre, set in the maze-like train system of Tokyo. The scenes unfold like the variations of a fugue, in sequences of meticulously crafted movement. With three bodies, three chairs, a collage of English and Japanese text, a lullaby, a fugue and some train sounds, Tokyo Fugue conjures up the dizzying experience of life in a modern metropolis. The audience is left breathless and wondering: what is it, after all, that I am chasing? At times poetic, at times comical, at times unsettling, this is theatre that speaks to the soul.

Audience Review was fantastic!! I had so many goosebumps, it was crazy. So moving and profound, and important.Thank you thank you thank you for making that!!

...the performance was truly wonderful. I enjoyed it hugely and was so impressed!!!

...Thanks for creating this and for all the work that went into it!

Superb show today- I am on the train and still thinking about it! Really really loved it and I could totally watch you all day long- some of the sequences were mesmerizing!

Cast & Crew

Kentaro Suyama

Tania Coke


Kazuki Onoue

Directors: Kentaro Suyama / Tania Coke

Music Composer : Tania Coke

Texts : Kentaro Suyama / Tania Coke

Costume : Kentaro Suyama / Tania Coke

Flyer Design : Kentaro Suyama

Video Image : Katsuyuki Miyabe

Subtitle & Projection Image : Kentaro Suyama





We are super excited to have been invited to participate in the Mime in Motion Festival in Montpellier next month, thanks to our friends Janaina Tupan and Sebastien Loesener of Platform 88. The Festival has launched a fundraising campaign to help cover the costs of our travel to France. If you'd like to find out more, click the link!

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